Know everything about screens at anytime and anywhere

Check by using of mobile terminal at anywhere

Know screen status at anytime

Monitor working conditions of sending card, receiving card, monitoring card and multi-function card of screen control system Detect temperature humidity, smoke, and other environmental parameters of the cabinet Monitor power voltage of cabinet, fan speed, point detect information of LED lights and connection reliability of inter-module signal wires ,which belong to cables.

Accurate location, timely alarming

Accurate to each light

Know the problems of screens timely

After comparing the received data with the historical health status of each display screen, monitor servers will give alarms of potential problems based on the analysis results.

Real-time image at site real-time control

No need to go to the site any more

By using of All-around surveillance, and on-site image monitoring, we know on-site conditions in time.

With real field data everything is under control perfectly

Telecommuting is no longer a dream

Support remote adjustments of working parameters of the display, such as brightness of the display, volume of speaker, etc.

Multi-ways access multiple devices are supportted

We support whatever devices you can think of

Multi-device: support Windows, Android, iOS Multi-browser: support mainstream browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. Multi-system: support synchronous M3 and asynchronous Pluto control systems of Nova Tech.

Flexible authority setting, convenient transfer to others

You can authorize others to view the screen

Screen conditions can be shared with others Screen management can be transferred to others.

Focus on today, more on the future

Know you and your screens

With powerful system health examination and accurate record of screen’s historical running status, you can get the weakness of screen in detail ,do prediction and precaution.