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Q: How many terminals can be registerd for one account?

A: No limit.

Q: Can a screen be registered for more than one account?

A: The screens controlled by the same terminal are only allowed to register for one account.

Q: How to distinguish the screens registered for the same account?

A: When register screens in NovaiCare, you can give different names to distinguish them.

Q: The results of LEDs inspection and screen status are inconsistent.

A: The possible reason of this problem is that the configuration of the screen is incorrect. such as, the data arrays is incorrect. Under this situation ,you just need to reconfigure the screen information first. then send the configuration to the screen and save it to firmware ,and this problem will be solved.

Q: After restart the computer that is connected with the controller, or reconnect the network, when use browser to check the status of screen in NovaiCare, the registered screens are offline.

A: When you happen to meet this matter,Please do some checking as follow: ①if there are more than one network interface cards(NIC) on the controller computer,like you have wired NIC and wireless NIC .②If the network connection method has been changed, for example, you switch you network connetction from wired to wirless to access network. If these true happened, please reuse the network interface card ,which is used for register in NoivaCare before, and restart the MonitorSite software,and this problem will be solved. If you can not reuse the network interface card, please register this screen in NovaiCare again.


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